Art Talk Write

I’m pleased to share that in January 2020 Art Talk Write celebrated its first year anniversary! We are really happy to have reached this point, thank you to all those artists who have connected and worked with us.
At Art Talk Write we provide a range of bilingual career advice, communication and writing services, that support artists, visual arts professionals and organisations, both at the national and international level.
Through Art Talk Write, I have expanded all the English services for French artists, that are listed on this site under Anglais pour l’art. All Art Talk Write’s services are provided in French and English and I still offer specific language services for the visual arts, that can be read about on our site.
To learn more about what we do at Art Talk Write, please visit our website:
My Writing the Visual site now acts as an archive for my previous projects, so for all professional enquiries or to get in touch, please contact me directly at: